Why An Accommodation In A Hotel Near Waterpark Pattaya?

Traveling with kids can be exciting, especially if you are out for a treat in some waterparks you’ll find in Pattaya. But first, you need to be booked in a hotel near waterpark Pattaya for accommodations. Pattaya’s resort city can offer many families exciting trips and rides, especially with all the amazing water and amusement parks that this part of Thailand has to offer. There are the water slides and rollercoasters to more relaxed slothful rivers. The kids will surely have a great time here.

  • Splashdown Waterpark Pattaya:

The waterpark has been based on the TV show ‘Total Wipeout’. It’s designed to try out the athletic skills of its visitors. It’s a great choice for adults traveling with older children. When touring this place, you’ll be provided with a life jacket, helmet and rubber shoes and your off to your journey. One famous attraction here is the inflatable waterslide, where you’ll enjoy gliding amidst the height and water. There are also other challenges and obstacles to enjoy here. Parents will need to have everyone booked in a hotel near waterpark Pattaya for convenience.

  • Ramayana Water Park Pattaya:

This waterpark resort claims to be the largest in Thailand. They offer a huge aquatic complex with lush landscapes situated in the south of the city. The park has various attractions including 50 slides that sprawl to an area of 184,000 square miles. Any age group can surely enjoy what the waterpark has to offer. Children can practically do anything here, while they enjoy the amazing sun.

  • Cartoon Network Waterpark Pattaya:

This is the biggest and the most astounding waterpark in Thailand with slide attractions and forefront rides that include cartoon characters. The mascots offer daily shows where you can dine with them at the food court. The park will suit teenagers and young children as they offer various sections most suited for varied age groups.

These may just be the three waterparks to enjoy in Pattaya, so you need to be booked in a hotel near waterpark Pattaya for easy access. Everyone is expected to enjoy all obstacles and rides that the waterparks have to offer.


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