Various Kinds Of Porcelain Tiles

If you want a room to look stylish, look no further than adding porcelain tiles into the interior. No wonder porcelain tiles are high prized compared to limestone floor tiles in the market because it is very versatile which means it can be installed as floor or wall tile. The downside is that when placedRead More

Medical Supplies, Services And Drugs Now Under Price Control In Thailand

The Thai government recently added a few new things to its price control lists, including medicine, medical supplies, medical services and health insurance in Thailand, with the aim of ensuring fairness for both patients and operators of private hospitals, according to the Thai Commerce Minister. According to the Bangkok Post, Minister SontiratSontijirawong stated that theseRead More

Garnier Rolling Out Organic Treatments

L’Oreal, recognizing the appeal of natural skin care products in Australia and across the world, is rolling out organic skincare treatments at its Garnier brand, as part of its attempts to improve sales in its mass market unit, which has been experiencing some sluggish. The French beauty firm has been investing in endeavours like bio-friendlyRead More