The Rising Popularity Of Adventure Riding

Can Ewan McGregor be blamed for the dramatic surge in the popularity of adventure riding? According to Power Sports Business, adventure riding accounted for 5% of motorcycle sales in 2011; recently sales have increased by 10%. Virtually every manufacturer in the motorcycle industry from aftermarket accessories to riding apparel including riding schools and motorcycle travel companies are cashing in on the enthusiasm for adventure riding.

What is adventure riding? The sport involves motorcycle riding through hidden backroads with the prospects of exploring unpaved trails. Ewan McGregor is a Scottish actor that starred in the 2004 documentary “The Long Way Round” about a marathon international motorbike trip with his pal Charley Boorman. The documentary evoked the dreams of most people about riding their motorcycles.

According to Phil Freeman of MotoQuest, the age of his core customers ranges from 50 to 80. Motorcycles cost about $20,000 with another $3,000 for clothing and gear. The high cost is usually the reasons why young riders are limited from joining adventure riding.

Jeremy LeBreton predicted something is going to happen to motorcycling in 2008. After a year, he started AltRider that catered to a different kind of riding that involved taking street bikes for off-roading. From the 6 aftermarket parts for Suzuki V-Strom, AltRider expanded into a company that offers 380 parts that are designed specifically for adventure-worthy motorcycles. The motorcycle parts include footpegs, crash bar for the protection of exposed engine parts and special navigation equipment and tool kits.

Adventure bikers spend a lot for motorcycle parts and accessories. If you want to join a group that goes adventure riding, you have to well-funded because some of the items are critical to ensure that the motorcycle does not break down. It is also important to wear a special set of riding overalls and bring a GPS and mobile phone in case you get lost.

Adventure riding is a passion for many individuals but it is important to ensure that all the proper motorcycle accessories are on hand particularly when riding to the unknown trails. There are no motorcycle shops in the wilderness meaning there is no source of parts and accessories when required.



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