Pink Lemonade As The Newest Hair Colour Trend

It is quite common for women to go to Bondi hair salon to change the colour of their hair. What is the reason behind the increasing interest to dye the hair? Is it to improve appearance or to undertake a dramatic change due to a breakup with the boyfriend? One of the common reasons is to hide the grey strands that appear even at a young age.

There is something about changing hair colour that makes a woman feel good about herself. A drastic change often results into an entirely new person. If you want a hair colour that has taken over social media, try pink lemonade. It is the newest hair colour trend that is making the rounds of social media.

A decade ago, it was difficult to find inspiration when you want a hair colour change. Women will usually ask the hair stylist for recommendations or look for references in dozens of magazines. Today, it is very easy to access pretty hair colours and styles through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. There is never a shortage of inspiration when you want a drastic change.

The weirdest trends from every beauty enthusiast in different platforms can be easily found in social media. YouTube provides instructions on how colour can be instantly changed through a variety of dyes. You can even watch experts teaching women how to put their makeup properly. If you want to learn about the newest trend in hair colours, just go to Instagram. There are beautiful dye jobs that have been name after food and beverages like “Vanilla Milkshake” hair and “Pumpkin Spice Latte” hair.

The latest hair colour trend must have been inspired by the refreshing ice-cold pink lemonade. The pink lemonade hair is predominantly pink with hints of peachy yellow that are woven throughout the hair. You only need to work up the courage to try the latest hair colour for a brand new hairdo.

The hairstylists at Bondi hair salon will listen to your requirements so that they can design a style that is ideal for your personality. If you want a drastic change in your appearance, you can always discuss your ideas with the hairstylist.


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