The Business Of Suspended Ceilings

The property sector has been doing well in the past few years and analysts are predicting that the trend will continue in the years to come. Because of this development, businesses or contractors for building materials and other segments that are directly involved with the property sector are also benefiting. Contractors of ceilings are alsoRead More

Is Letter Writing Still Alive?

Recent research proves that only one among six teens write letters outside the classroom. A study from National Literacy Trust showed that the teenagers approaching adulthood writes letters the least. Sixteen percent of teens from 14-16 writes, twenty-five percent aged 11-14 and thirty percent from children aged 8-11. Director of National Literacy Trust Jonathan DouglasRead More

Winning Your Customers Over

Even experienced marketer can fall into the trap of creative slump and just be satisfied with the status quo. Employing the services of marketers is very helpful even in small businesses like hair salons, kindergarten schools and retail stores. However, today, the current trends dictate what gets noticed, shared and talked about in social media.Read More