Here’s What You Need To Consider When Buying A Toilet

Toilet replacements may be one of the most uncommon household projects, but they’re certainly needed when the current toilet is unable to provide maximum function. Buying a toilet usually happens when a person is building a house. Chances for toilet replacement are somewhat rare but not impossible. In fact, when a toilet becomes damaged or requires too many repairs, it would be a wise decision to replace it.

You would know when a toilet would need replacement. If it has cracks or scratches, chances are it can cause physical harm to you. When it clogs up frequently or when it needs frequent repairs, you need to think about buying a new toilet. Once you do decide, however, there are some certain considerations that you would have to think about. Although absurd as it may seem, the art of toilet buying is actually a rather complicated task.

  • The first thing that you would have to consider is the location of the drain. You should try measuring from the wall to the base of the existing toilet in order to determine the location of the drain. Usually, this should be at 12” but it varies in some cases. Try seeking professional advice in this matter.
  • Next, you would need to consider the price of the toilet. Remember, you always need to set a budget that you can stick to. It would be best to avoid toilets outside your price range. The features you choose should also coincide with your chosen budget.
  • When it comes to the shape of the bowl, you can either go for elongated or a round front, which ever fits your style. However, elongated bowls give you much more space and offer a bigger seat.
  • The design should coincide with the overall design of your bathroom. If you do decide to stray away, make sure to choose something that compliments the design of the bathroom. Also, choose a toilet in your comfort height. It would be best if you choose one the same height as your previous toilet.
  • Lastly, decide if you want a two-flush toilet or a one flush. Both options offer water saving opportunities.

Remember to hire an experienced plumber to conduct the actual project.


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