Data Says One In Every Five Women Are Motorcycle Riding

Many years ago, motorcycle riding is considered to be an activity intended only for the male species. This is very far from the truth these days. There are more women riding motorcycles now that, in fact, the female ridership has increased significantly in the last ten years. These women riders get to wear motorbike casual clothing when they are out for a ride which prompted another sector in the industry dedicated to creating riding gears for the female population.

Based on the recent survey conducted by Motorcycle Industry Council, women now make up 19 per cent of the total number of motorcycle riders. This number is quite far from the data gathered almost ten years ago when only one in every ten riders is women. According to Motorcycle Industry Council, it is not impossible that a few years from now the statistics would be that a quarter of the total riding population will become women.

In a poll spearheaded by MIC, there were 2,472 adult respondents from all over the world. This is where they found out that the number of women motorcycle riding is in fact quite high for the recent generation. For Gen X, 22 per cent of women are riding while Gen Y boasts that 26 per cent of women are into motorcycle.

According to the spokesperson of MIC, Andria Yu, there is a decline in the number of motorcycle riders from the mature and Boomer period but this number has been replaced by the new generation. It is now expected that the number of female riders will climb to 25 per cent. She recalls three decades ago, they are fighting for the awareness of motorcycle riding among women population.

Before the end of the 80s, motorcycle manufacturers tried to launch campaigns that encourage women to ride but the marketing strategy was not as effective. Since the Boomers are slowly exiting this material planet, it is only right to instil to the new generation the importance and concept of motorcycle riding. The same survey have revealed that women spend more on parts, motorbike casual clothing and other necessities compared to when only one does the job every time.


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