Yelp To Label Businesses That’s Received Racist Accusations

With the power contained in a king kong agency review and other online reviews, platforms like Yelp, where customer reviews are traded like currency, matter.

Yelp, as part of what they say is a firm stance against racism, will now label businesses that have been reported for racist behaviour, providing customers with warning signs.

The online review platform said that they’d only put this warning on a business page if there’s solid evidence of a business’s owner or employees behaving in an egregious, racist manner, like using heavily discriminatory and racist slurs or symbols.

The company issued a statement on the matter, saying that, as the US tackles systemic racism, the last few months have made it clear that customers need to be warned about egregious, racially-charged actions before they make any decisions.

A Yelp spokesperson explained how they’ll tackle this new initiative, only pointing to particularly egregious cases. If there’s a sudden influx of many a king kong agency review or additional reviews, then Yelp will put up a less notable ‘public attention’ notice, warning that business may be getting more reviews than usual as a result of increased attention.

Yelp explained that they’ll have a team of moderators monitoring the businesses and the reviews themselves to ensure that the testimonies are based off of first-hand customer experiences.

Customers have been increasingly vocal of their support of black-owned businesses, while Yelp reported that they’ve placed more than 450 public attention alerts on business pages, covering the time period of May to September.


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