WordPress Sites Can Now Make Money Off Of Subscriptions

The subscription payment model sustains a fair number of businesses today, and WordPress is one of the biggest platforms on the internet, with many a WordPress affiliate program plugin available, always looking for new ways to make hosting sites easier. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before the two met.

Now, WordpPress.com is making it easier for any creator to put subscription features on their site, in order to allow for easier access to contributions from supporters. The feature is available to any WordPress site running on a paid plan, as well as sites self-hosted via Jetpack. Once enabled, website owners can charge for weekly newsletters, accept donations, and even sell annual access to exclusive content, or any manner they want to charge their audience on a set schedule.

The feature was implemented thanks to WordPress partnering up with Stripe, though this means that a Stripe account is necessary for WordPress site owners to have Stripe accounts of their own before they can take advantage of the Recurring Payments feature. WordPress’s Earn page has a laid out, step-by-step guide on the process needed to set this feature up properly.

Users can create as many payment plans as they want, allowing for the coverage of different currencies, payment frequencies, and the like, which can, in turn, allow them to offer different levels or kinds of subscriptions, with corresponding rewards. They can also put a Recurring Payment button on their sites.

Subscribers, in turn, can cancel subscriptions anytime they want via their WordPress.com accounts.

Notably, this subscription feature is similar to the one used on Patreon, and it could, potentially drive creators from those platforms to move their subscription plans to WordPress to cut down on the fees and the revenue share, in exchange for giving up a few of the features available to those platforms.

The launch of this WordPress affiliate program plugin could have a lot of impact on subscriptions across the internet, given that the site is massive figure online. The company reported that around 409mn uses view 20bn pages on their platform monthly, with publishers creating 70mn new posts within that same time frame.


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