Winnipeg Sues Top City Official And Contractors For Fraud

There are certain instances when an individual is wrongly accused of fraud because he is not aware that the alleged conduct is fraudulent. It is necessary to seek the advice of a fraud lawyer who will explain the rights, elements of the criminal offense and consequences of having a criminal record before any legal decision is made.

The City of Winnipeg has sued construction companies and contractors including a top official of the city on allegations that they engaged in fraud and deceit to drive up the cost of the new police headquarters building. It is alleged that invoices were inflated; quotes were altered with kickbacks in the last 5 years it took to construct the building.

The original cost of the structure was estimated at $135 million but it ended up costing the city of Winnipeg more than $210 million by the time it was finished in 2016. The statement of claims contained allegations that have not yet been proven in court. Defence has not filed any statements. Fraud lawyers who were representing major contractor Caspian Projects and Winnipeg’s former chief administrative chief Phil Sheegi have not made any comments.

RCMP has investigated the matter for any possible fraud and breach of trust but according to prosecutors, there was no sufficient evidence for charges. According to Michael Jack, Winnipeg’s chief corporate services officer, the matter does not end with the decision not to proceed with criminal charges.

Jack claims that the city has the right to seek damages to protect its interests particularly if it has suffered from loss or damages due to alleged fraud and negligent conduct. It was claimed that city was overcharged through fraudulently altered and inflated actual bona fide quotes and invoices. It was alleged that the contractors, the contractor principals and Sheegi conspired among themselves and with unidentified individuals in procurement and inducing the city to give them the award.

It is for your own benefits if you consult with a fraud lawyer before attending any court summons or interview for a fraud charge. The lawyer will advice the best course of action that will suit the situation. Never attend the interview without the legal representation.


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