Winning Your Customers Over

Even experienced marketer can fall into the trap of creative slump and just be satisfied with the status quo. Employing the services of marketers is very helpful even in small businesses like hair salons, kindergarten schools and retail stores. However, today, the current trends dictate what gets noticed, shared and talked about in social media.

Here are some marketing techniques that you can implement in your company:

– Utilize the latest technologies as marketing channels. Technology is constantly upgrading and the newest gadgets and gizmos offer new innovative ways in creating new opportunities in the market. An example to this is the 3D printing medium for advertising. Last year, Uniqlo just launched its Selfless Selfie Project. This project allowed customers to print tiny figurine while wearing Uniqlo clothing and they share how they have dedicated their time in improving the communities. This outstanding campaign has been effective in engaging with consumers with its efficient products and has also provided Uniqlo with a brilliant way in boosting its brand image while uniting its community with its compelling storytelling.

– Collaborating with influential and renowned content creators among different platforms. If you are into listening to podcasts, you will know that after you listen to the podcast for 15 minutes, you are guaranteed to get across ads by Squarespace, Audible and many others. What is great thing about advertising through podcast is that most of the listeners will not fast forward towards the ads. The podcasts are usually labeled as the epitome of advertisements.

– Focusing on video making. According to a study conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the company spending on digital ads has been on the rise. Advertisers and marketers are now flocking to videos as one of the effective and newest way in increasing engagement as well as gaining influence. According to the president and the CEO of EZSolution, a marketing company, the consumers are likely to buy a product after watching a video rather than if there were no video shown at all. Making videos for your customers will also show that you are personal with your current and would-be customers- that you care about the services and products that you are offering them.


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