Wigs For Children With Cancer Stolen By Chronic Offender

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Martin Weigelt, 52, a chronic property offender was arrested by Vancouver police and charged. He broke in to Eva & Co, Wigs on East Broadway and stole 150 wigs, some of which were for the children at BC children’s Hospital.

The wigs which were made from human hair costs approximately $2,500 each. The total cost of the stolen wigs is more than $350,000. About 15 of the stolen wigs were prepared for children suffering from cancer and other health conditions like alopecia or hair loss. According to Cindy Yip, co-owner of the store, each wig is specifically customized for children and was supposed to be used for the coming school year.

It is heartbreaking to see children with cancer. They want to look normal like other kids and yet they do not have hair which adds to their sufferings. The loss of the wigs will delay their return to school.

A few days after the theft, 66 wigs were found by a resident at Downtown Eastside Hotel. He noticed a bag full of wigs from the hotel’s hallway. However, the wigs were no longer salvageable because they have been contaminated. They are still hoping to recover some of the other wigs.

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth is concerned with the nature of the theft because mental issues might be the reason why Weigelt is stealing. He has more than 150 criminal convictions since 1987.

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