Why IQ Scores Must Not Be Used As Criterion For Preschool Admission

Studies suggest that early childhood education helps prepare children for the classroom environment of kindergarten. Children learn better by interacting with other kids and their teachers instead of being left in the home to do whatever he pleases. Instead of pressuring children to learn, Anaheim Preschool teaches children the basic skills of making friends, listening to others and expressing their own ideas.

In Singapore, Desmond Lee, Social and Family Development Minister and Indranee Rajah, Second Education Minister criticized the practice of using IQ scores as one of the criteria for preschool admission. Their Facebook posts came in the wake of a recent report from Strait Times that Gifted and Talented Education Group uses IQ scores as preschool admission criterion.

Children are required to take a screening test and have an IQ score of about 120 or higher to be admitted at Gate Junior Preschool and learning centers in Limau Garden and Dempsey. The average IQ of most children is only 100.

According to Desmond Lee, preschool must focus on the holistic development of children during their early years. When the social and emotional skills of children are developed, they are more likely to adjust better in school, interact with other kids and become more interested and motivated to learn. Preschools must provide children with an opportunity to socialize and interact and build relationships with other children irrespective of backgrounds, abilities and strengths.

Indranee Rajah thinks it is inappropriate to use IQ scores or any kind of psychological testing as a criteria for admission to preschool. The focus of preschool must be towards the laying of a foundation for children to grow, be happy and confident during their early years. Children must be allowed to enjoy their childhood and become emotionally secure. Children who have developed certain abilities can be encouraged to take part in more challenging activities but their exposure to other children must not be limited.

Selecting the right preschool program is often difficult for parents. It is possible that the type of program you are looking for is being offered by Anaheim Preschool that prepares children for their entrance to kindergarten. Class sizes are limited to less than 20 students to ensure better interaction between the children and teachers.



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