Why Hiring A Yacht Is Better Than Owning One

It is very likely that you are one of the tourists that opted for boat hire in Phuket to explore the beautiful islands. You enjoyed the adventure so much that you are now thinking of buying your very own yacht. Owning a yacht is like a dream come true. On a beautiful summer day, you can lay out in the sun with a cold drink by your side while slightly rocking to the movements of the waves.

However, according to Business Insider, yachts are like floating money. Before you decide on buying a yacht, consider the staff you need to hire who will make sure that everything is clean and well maintained. There is ton of work that has to be done before you can start sailing.

Owning a yacht to cruise around the Mediterranean or sail to the east coast of the United States is the dream of many people. It is the lifestyle of the rich and famous. If you are not bent on creating your custom yacht, visit a boat show; look around until you find the perfect boat. Do not look for the older models even if they are cheaper because you might likely gut the boat before you sail.

Of course, you will need a new paint for the boat including a new name. If you are not particularly fond of boat maintenance, hire crew members. According to experts, there must be one crew member for every passenger. A captain will require $1,000 a year per foot of the boat. If you purchase a 100-foot yacht, you will spend about $110,000 a year on the captain alone.

If you hire a crew only on days that you are out on the water, you have to clean the deck by yourself. The floorboards must also be cleaned if you like to walk barefoot all the time. Since the weather can be unpredictable, make sure that the yacht is prepared to handle a hurricane or extreme weather.

It is easier and more affordable to choose boat hire in Phuket instead of buying your own yacht. Each boat has two full-time crew that will ensure the pristine conditions of the vessel all year round. All the necessary services will be provided to you and your guests.


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