Whispering Palms Landscaping Plan To Start All Over

The landscaping plan of Whispering Palms Community Services District is set to start from the beginning. The proposition was to refresh the current landscape found at the entrance of the Cancha de Golf community and the land that located along Via de la Valle which is also under the management of Community Services District. During the board meeting held last January 24, there were two new members present and they started their discussion about the plan they want to execute with regards to the landscape. They will be working with Pat Coyne, a landscape architect, on the new design they will decide on.

Chuck Duffy, the general manager, said that they started from the beginning with nothing on the canvass. The old plan was a controversial one because of the proposition to eliminate and replace the 54 existing palm trees located on the median of Cancha de Golf. This is no longer part of the plan.

They are hoping to have a discussion together with Coyne in the coming February 14 meeting. According to Duffy, the previous plan that was also designed by Coyne does not have much issue with regards to the lower landscaping. The elements included in the previous plan was to remove the turf found in the median of Cancha de Golf and along the land of Via de la Valle, they are to install plants that have high tolerance when it comes to cobble and drought like low-level agaves.

Byron Hanchett, one of the board members, expressed his desire to take on the planning in a separate section and each of Cancha de Golf and Via de la Valle should be dealt with accordingly. In agreement is another board member, Doug Manatt, said that while it is critical to plan globally, things should be divided into smaller pieces for easy decision making.

The developer has an already existing plan that has been pre-approved which is favored by some board members because it could reduce their budget. To know more info about your landscaper’s plan, an open discussion is important.


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