What You Need To Know About Mig Welder

Manufacturing companies rely on welder machines for a successful innovation of products and there are different kinds of welders to suit their various purposes. A welder is an equipment or machine that a welder utilizes to create a weld. Whatever type of welding and the metal can be will need a suitable welder machine to do the welding job. In this article, you will see the various welders used in the welding industry, so you can learn and gain knowledge about the welding industry. You may want to know what a mig welder, tig welder and arc welding are.

Let us begin with arc welding as this is the most basic type of the welding process. Arc welding or stick welding is one of the most commonly used processes. It uses a portable stick welder where it suits a hobbyist, agricultural usage, factory maintenance, commercial industries, fabrication and general repair.

If you want to weld copper, magnesium, aluminium and stainless steel, you need to have the best tig welder for stronger and higher quality welds. There are many types of tig welder you can find in the market. Tig welders are of inverter types and exist in single and three phase for a maximum of 220 volts. They are usually preferred to suit various metal thickness.

The mig welder is intended for aluminium only. However, these days, they are also used to weld steel. Such types of welders are known for ease and process. It has different types of welders which include the power I mig 160, 200, 205 and power I mig 250 p. It is generally used for fabrication, automotive and general repair.

Aside from welder machines, the welding industry will need the plasma cutters. It is a powerful equipment that cuts metals and steel of various thickness. The device uses the latest techniques to cut metals. Plasma cutters can be used for general repairs, industrial, automotive, fabrication and other industrial applications.

So when you prefer welder machines, you need to choose what you specifically need – be it a mig welder, a tig welder or a reconditioned tig welder, which will have to rely on your budget and usage.


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