What To Know When Booked In A Serviced Apartment In Bangkok

You need to know few things before your travel agent can book you to a serviced apartment in Bangkok for your accommodation. Bangkok is a magnificent city with lots of serviced apartments to rent, so you can fully enjoy your holiday. So, here are what you need to know when you rent a serviced apartment:

  • Get More Details About Your Chosen Serviced Apartment Before You Sign Up:

Can the serviced apartment in Bangkok allow you for a minimum or long-term stay? Usually, an average stay will last nine days, but you can book for a night, week, month or the entire year. This is the nature of the business, especially that it needs to be flexible when changes of plans happen or when cancellation is done.

Consider what facilities and amenities you need when you arrive. Will there be adequate parking space for your rented vehicle? Can you check in early if there is a need to? How reliable is the Wi-Fi connection, so you can work or communicate with loved ones?

You also need to check if you can possibly do planned meetings with your associates during your stay, and if the serviced apartment in Bangkok is nearby reliable public transport.

  • Checking the Location of the Serviced Apartment:

Is there a need to return late to the serviced apartment at night? If you’re on the main road, you need to consider the traffic noise if it keeps you awake at night and makes you tired, especially that you’re hosting an important meeting in the morning. The best way to determine the right serviced apartment in Bangkok is to read reviews and testimonials from previous clients who have rented their services.

This apartment must also be in good condition and well-decorated with fully-furnished kitchen to be able to use it when you need to. An advantage you can have with the serviced apartment is to be able to eat what you like as you just have to cook and store food in the provided fridge.

  • Verify If the Owner of the Serviced Apartment Is Covered with Insurance and Has Completed Safety Checks:

You need to ensure that the fully-furnished property has completed fire and earthquake regulations to ensure the safety of its tenants.

Lastly, you need to know who your main contact is just in case a problem arises during your accommodation.



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