What To Do When You Are Charged With Assault

Charges of assault are particularly common in areas of condensed populations. It is also typical for assaults to occur with those in relationships or may be connected to other crimes. According to a criminal defence lawyer, they handle high numbers of sexual assault, aggravated assault, assault on minors and other related crimes in cities.

What is assault?

Assault happens when a person intentionally puts another person in fear of imminent harm or attempts to cause an offensive contact with another person. There is a threat of danger but no actual physical harm resulted from the action. Actions may include the lifting of a fist, pointing of a gun, wielding a weapon in a manner that causes fear, verbally threatening a person with harm in a manner that is possible at that time, and other potential mental or visual depictions that something bad will happen.

How assault charges are filed

The victim of assault files a criminal charge against an individual through government criminal cases where there is no way to drop the charges. Victims of assault have no recourse once charges have been filed and trial has been initiated except if they decide to help the opposing counsel. The criminal lawyer who is defending the alleged perpetrator can be assisted by the person who claims to be the victim by providing testimony.

Many victims feel the need to drop charges for assault and domestic violence although sometimes it is difficult to stop the case from proceeding because the charges have been filed with the prosecutor through law enforcement. The decision on whether to drop the charge or stop the case entirely depends on the prosecuting lawyer who will consider other evidence and the strength of the case with or without the contribution of victim. Emotions are often charged during the events leading to assault that is why most victims have second thoughts on proceeding with the case.

If you are charged with assault, it is important to call MyDefence.ca quickly because a written witness testimony is very critical to the case. Testimony must be submitted immediately to clear up any confusion that resulted in the arrest.



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