What Does Lifestyle Mean In The Hospitality Industry?

It is pretty obvious that the “lifestyle” label is being used by both single independent hotels and large hotel chains that is why it is almost on the verge of losing its true meaning in the hospitality industry. Almost every hotel brand that is being launched today is using the word lifestyle because it easily attracts a wide assortment of guests from business executives to leisure travellers.

Since the category of lifestyle has broadened, it started to become distinct from boutique which is often the term used to describe independent and small chain hotels as well as large hotel companies. According to STR every major hotel company is using lifestyle for good reason. Average room rates were 85% better than overall averages with occupancy rates 10% higher.

The hospitality research firm has grouped the boutique and lifestyle room supply together for the purpose of data tracking and found out that supply stood at 109,000 rooms marking an almost 20% increase over the last 5 years to account for 2% of the country’s local inventory of about 5 million rooms. In terms of pricing, the boutique and lifestyle sectors produced an average room rate of $229 per night with almost 76% occupancy rates last year.

How do lifestyle hotels differ from standard hotels? Lifestyle hotels usually include a lobby space of interaction with a food and beverage program inspired by regional menus and craft cocktails. According to STR, programming involves locally based artists and distinct sense of play.

To harness the idea of lifestyle, San Francisco’s Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf used lots of soothing blue-gray colours that echoed the San Francisco Bay from its public area wall patterns to the guestroom’s bed lamps. It also provides the non-threatening service approach and uses lots of holiday music.

Another perfect example is lifestyle hotel in Sukhumvit with its slick design and vibrant colour scheme. The rooms are tastefully designed and furnished to give the guests a delightful experience. It has rooms with scenic pool views and beautifully designed bathrooms with rain showers. The lifestyle hotel is ideal for business and leisure travellers that prefer luxurious and modern facilities to go along with a central location.


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