What A Photographer Can Learn From A Commercial Illustrator

As it turns out, photographers can learn a thing or two from a Commercial Illustrator. Photographers often learn from their peers and neglect artists from other disciplines. A commercial illustration usually tells a story that is inspiring and will give photographers a new idea on how to strengthen photography. The illustrator’s knowledge of image creation will be very valuable to photographers.

According to Tyler Jacobson, a professional illustrator, Illustrators often work on a concept on tight deadlines. He needs to do photobashing, CGI, photography and overlays to get a concept out the soonest time possible. Aside from Photoshop, there are other creative technologies like Blender software that helps a commercial illustrator in realizing his vision.

Photographers frequently create large prints but Jacobson has to create compositions that can be read well in small size for Magic the Gathering cards. Many people consume media on their phones so that photographers have to consider how their photos will read in thumbnail size. Of particular importance is how a subject will stand out in the background; however, photographers usually think about the overall composition first and then think of details later so that the images will stand out on platforms like Instagram.

Both illustrators and photographers use references to help inform their work. Jacobson opts for a few references so that his final piece will have originality and energy. Photographers can have their work unconsciously combined with their mood board but they may lose the originality they should have if they allowed themselves some creative freedom.

Jacobson usually photographs his reference photos and then manipulate them through Photoshop to have a visual reference for his commercial illustration. Sometimes, Jacobson struggles in conceptualizing an idea but his experience and skills helps him bring life to his ideas. Jacobson found out that the process gets better if it involves struggling with an idea.

Brands can harness the deep artistic values of a Commercial Illustrator to bring life to their advertising campaigns. It is easier to influence an audience through custom and unique artworks that tell a complete story. Art can easily leave a lasting impression and at the same time make a strong statement.


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