Ways To Speed Up Computer Processes

If there is one thing that guarantees a bad day at work, it is a slow computer. This is one of the common complaints by PC repairs in Perth because their productivity is affected by this problem. There is nothing you can do to stop technology from evolving or to keep tech companies from releasing new computer models. It does not mean that you have to suffer in silence. There are a number of steps you can take to remedy your slow computer and to lengthen its usable life.

The first thing you might want to look into is the processor installed on your computer. The latest Core i9 from Intel is can be a solution. The chip will help improve the overall performance and speed of the machine’s computing power. There are different variations of the Core i9 which differs in clock speeds. Remember that it must be compatible with the computer’s power supply and motherboard because obsolete models might not work with the i9.

There is also a software subscription that can help improve the PC’s performance called AVG TuneUp. It costs a yearly fee of $50 and promises to tune your computer. A bonus feature is that it can be used on a smartphone with android operating system. It can help clean up disk space as well as analyze problems such as crashes in applications and troubleshooting apps that cause computer delay.

Another software option is the Iolo System Mechanic Pro which costs $56. It is a one-time purchase and can be used to detect malware such as spyware and viruses thus blocking them in the process. Bloatware installed on the computer that is often undetected can be removed with this software. You don’t have to worry about your data because the software can retrieve any losses during the process.

You can also consult PC repairs in Perth and ask for their opinion regarding upgrading the RAM of your computer. The recommended RAM is the Corsair Vengeance LPX which is 8GB with the highest available is 32GB. The module can be easily plugged on a computer to improve its performance.


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