Vacation Photos Can Be Transformed Into Artworks

The holiday ended two month ago and surely you have accumulated a lot of holiday photos and family travel souvenirs. The photos of the beautiful landscape you have captured can be enlarged and used inside your home as a decoration.

There are many companies offering different print services and the methods may vary according to the preference of the customer. There is an option for a matte or glossy finish, you can also print your photographs on a canvas or you can turn it into a poster with the use online companies. You can also go to a store that photo shop or in huge supermarket chains to have it printed. While everything listed here are good options, there are many unfamiliar ones that you might be surprised to realize how good they are. Here are some of them:

– Engineer prints. This is the term used for lightweight prints utilized by architects which are also very large. You will be able to enlarge your photographs nowadays because the cost is not as expensive as before. This type of display method might not appeal to anyone because it is a matter of aesthetic. This is ideal for people who are inclined with the bohemian style, shabby chic or the industrial vibe. The paper used is very thin and the lines on the images are softer compared to fine art print. This can be framed or not. Some uses only washi tapes while others are using colorful crafting tapes.

– Fabric prints. The fabric used is not as soft as bed sheets and is closer to the texture of a matte woven place mat. Fabric printing is unique compared to the usual photo enlargement. Fabric prints can be ordered in companies making them and all you have to do is peel the backside cover and stick it to wherever you want. The posters can be placed in any smooth surface such as tile, glass, smooth walls, finished wood and ceilings.

– Wood prints. This is another printing method different from the canvas photos. This is not as common as printing on metal or acrylic. The grain of the wood will be visible through the photos thus it is best to choose photographs that have subjects such as nature, park or beach.


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