Useful Tips When Choosing Motorcycle Jackets For Women

It is not only the male motorcycle riders that frequent motorbike clothing shops; lady riders certainly want to be fashionable when riding. In the past, there was a lack of motorcycle gear that is specifically designed for ladies but as more and more women ride bikes, manufacturers have invested millions of dollars on full lines of apparel that are designed for women.

With the wide range of choices available, women can be overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the proper gear. For many ladies, style may come first but it is important for the motorbike gear to provide protection. Motorcycle jackets, pants, suits, footwear and gloves are made from different materials that have their own benefits and drawbacks.

The three main materials that are used for motorcycle jackets are leather, textile and mesh. Leather is very popular because of its durability and the ability to stretch and mould to fit a form. Usually, the thicker the leather, the better protection it provides. But thickness can take a longer period of break-in before it becomes adequately soft to contour to the body.

Thread is usually the weakest material in a jacket. The less thread used, the stronger will be the jacket. A single large piece of leather is very likely to create a jacket that will not shred or tear due to extreme abrasion resulting from sliding in asphalt. Cowhide is very strong but kangaroo is stronger and lighter.

Textile is a manmade material that is durable and versatile. Kevlar is a common fabric that can be blended with other fabrics to create a strong jacket with superior abrasion protection. Mesh jackets are made specifically for warm weather because they protect the skin from sunlight. A jacket will include large panels of mesh for increased airflow. However, mesh jackets offer very little protection in case of accidents.

There are different motorcycle jackets available at motorbike clothing shops but it is important to understand design differences between the male and ladies jackets. A ladies jacket must fit the body well with defined hip, bust and waist areas. It must always be comfortable around the shoulders even when the jacket is fully zipped.


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