Useful Tips For A Bathroom Remodelling Projects

One of the best decisions that homeowners can make when remodelling the bathroom is hiring a plumber in Newcastle NSW to handle the plumbing side of the project. A homeowner does not see the pipes connecting the shower or the sink and how they work in the bathroom. Most plumbers will hide the pipes behind the bathroom walls for a clean-looking and minimalist design.

According to Cassidy Melhorn, pipe design engineer and founder of Knoxville Volhomes, modern pipes are flexible, inexpensive and easy to install. However, if you prefer exposed plumbing, copper pipes must be used instead of PVC or PEX because they are more aesthetically appealing. The drawback is copper pipes are more expensive and difficult to install than the flexible PVC or PEX.

During bathroom remodel, moving pipes and drains can be difficult or sometimes impossible, For example, if you want a bathtub installed beside the bathroom window, the configuration may not be possible because existing piping does not allow it. It is necessary to rethink the entire layout and how a large fixture can be relocated so that drains can be installed. The plumber will know whether your idea is feasible.

National Pipe Thread, US standard size for fittings allows rigid pipes like shower heads to connect to the shower arm pipe in the shower. If the showier head will be replaced during bathroom remodel, most fixtures will fit the existing pipe. The problem is the new shower head may not work with the existing water pressure. If the water pressure in the home is low, the new water-saving shower head may not be a feasible option.

Before buying bathroom accessories and fixtures, it is suggested to talk with the plumber to make sure that they will work with the existing system and water pressure. These are little details that most homeowners overlook in their excitement over the remodelling project.

The professional plumber in Newcastle NSW offers his service to all aspects of the plumbing system for an affordable price. Work will be carried out promptly with great attention to detail. A long term solution can be provided for most plumbing problems like recurring blocked drains.


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