United States Experiencing Increase In Employment

Data record shows that there are additional 255,000 jobs created by employers in the United States for the month of July. It is a good sign portraying the country’s confidence despite the slow growth in the economy which only proves that the economy of the United State is resilient.

It was also noted that the rate of unemployment remains at a low figure of 4.9 per cent, according to the Labour Department.

Many Americans started to search for jobs and almost all of them are hired. Despite all this, the influx of the number of people who are looking for jobs means only one thing – the rate of people who are unemployed was reduced by only a small amount.

The figures show that employers in the United States are not worried about the decision of Britain last June to vote whether they should leave the European Union. They are also not discouraged by the fact that the country’s economy is growing in a very slow rate. In fact, it only had an annual rate of 1 per cent during the first six months of the year. The number of jobs opened and the hiring could mean good news for the economy of the United States for the last six months of the year. This will mean more paychecks as well as higher pay which will result to higher spending.

It was only last month that the average pay for every hour has increased and it is now 2.6 per cent higher compared to the same time period last year. It also matches the fact that it is the fastest increase ever since the start of the recession. Now that there is a lower rate of unemployment, this means that employers will be competing on who gets the new employee which means they have to offer the highest salary.

The hiring came from various industries as well as jobs that are middle to high in wage. It is also another factor why the average pay was increased. With more and more jobs on the way, it will be beneficial for people to check out online job sites for easier application such as Scooppeople Asia which is available in Thailand.


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