Understanding The Reasons Behind Map Illustrations

It is very likely that you are spending most of your time at home and you are already bored with the view of the landscape. In order to ease the boredom, consider it as a perfect opportunity to journey through digital collections of illustrated maps. Bird’s eye view maps can transport you to a realm of pure fantasy.

Persuasive maps are not designed for navigation purposes. Map illustrators want to communicate their ideas and influence beliefs in the form of symbols, colors and fonts. After spending a few hours looking at the map, you start to ask “What is the map illustrator trying to accomplish?”

The 1913 panorama of New York Zoological Park is thick with handsome trees, grazing reindeers, raging bison, wading elks and tiny visitors along the complex. According to Ian Fowler, maps curator of New York Public Library, the idea of the map is to present an escape from the larger city while connected to it. This is the reason why there are roads around the borders.

In 1927, New York’s Westchester County Park Commission published an appealing map of Rye Beach with sailboat-specked waters and crowded shores. According to Fowler, aerial views were quite popular during that time and as lithography progressed through innovations, maps became larger and more detailed. The map was used as an advertising tool to lure people to the shore. It was like a poster that shows the beauty of the environment and all its attractions.

The 1905 map of New Hampshire that was produced by George H. Walker Co. shows a landscape that encourages you to walk, fly and swim all at once or lose yourself in the dreamy landscape. The landscape is lush and alluring to attract the attention of middle-class tourists. If you will look closely, you will understand the subtle message that the map illustrator wants to convey.

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