Ugly Christmas Sweaters And Santa For Christmas In July

Years ago, was only intended for the holiday season. The ugly Christmas sweaters were commercial stuff very much like a holiday gift that is presented as vehicle of friendship or togetherness. was not definitely included in Christmas wish lists and the recipient of an ugly sweater would either think that it is joke or someone hates him too much to send an unappealing and unattractive piece of clothing.

However, things have changed. Offices are hosting parties with the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” theme with the ugliest sweater declared the winner. Bars, restaurants and malls all over the country have sponsored contests on the ugliest Christmas sweater to highlight the holiday celebrations. People are no longer embarrassed to be seen wearing an ugly Christmas sweater; in fact, they are looking for the ugliest sweater from online stores. But ugly Christmas sweaters in July, is this a joke?

With temperatures in the 90’s this July, it is outrageous wearing an ugly Christmas sweater but for Maker’s Mart, it is clearly time for some escapism and thoughts of Christmas. Maker’s Mart is planning for a series of Tastemaker’s Weekends that feature different activities. Each weekend will include dinner and an activity followed by an event with more of a picnic or festival feel during Saturday’s.

Among the activities is the Christmas in July at which the brewery will have its bi-annual release of its epic stout Pinko. Visitors are asked to attend wearing their ugly Christmas sweaters for a chance to win a prize. Santa will make an appearance at one to three in the afternoon and eight to ten in the evening. Celebrating Christmas during the heat of July is something for the books.

There are other activities that beer lovers can expect with a little musical while drinking. There is a Broadway craft cocktail challenge or you can watch the best bartenders craft cocktails based on PNC Broadway’s upcoming 2015/2016 season while sipping on Four Roses Bourbon happy hour specials. Participants will also have the opportunity to taste through the Copper & Kings portfolio and mix at least three cocktails.


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