Two Counterfeiters Behind One Of Britain’s Largest Fake ID Scams

Two counterfeiters managed to sell one of Britain’s largest-ever fake ID scams with fraud documents on the black market for as low as £50.

Both from London, the duo managed an expounded scheme which made them the designated counterfeiters for illegal immigrants and criminals wanting new identities in the north of the capital.

Originally from Albania, ArseneMeci, 26, fabricated the made-to-order documents to include driving licenses, passports and other national ID cards in his home in East Finchley.

He then passed them on to MediKrasniqi, 47, who comes from Finsbury Park, who offered them to crooks between £50 and £500, depending on what was needed.

Krasniqi was also responsible for finding clients, gathering pictures and personal details, which was then passed on to Meci.

As part of the 3-year investigation by the National Crime Agency, the pair, who particularize in false documents for the construction industry, got arrested last October.

The investigation which looked into a number of Albanian dealingsof deceitful documents, had so far convicted 15 criminals and jail sentences of 56 years.

According to NCA senior officer Carl Eade, “Meci and Krasniqi were really the men to approach if anyone wanted a false ID anyplace in north London.

“Their customers were really crooks and people who lived illegally in the UK.”

“They made thousands of fake ID cards, passports and other documents for people wanting to work or offer services they weren’t entitled to.”

The forms of identification they particularized were certification to work in a construction industry.

When Krasniqi was apprehended, police found 70 counterfeit cards in his custody.  The police raiding in Meci’s flat found a forgery paraphernalia of computers, professional printing equipment and laminators. There were also a number of blank cards, fake passports and pictures ready to be made up. The computer revealed around 8000 templates and images of identity cards, passports, driving licenses and cards, which entitled them to work in the construction and security industries.

Both suspects pleaded guilty to colluding to create and own fake ID documents and illegal money charges at Chelmsford Crown Court on 15th of December and sentenced on the 12th of January.


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