Truck Convoy Joined Rally To Support Oil And Gas Industry

Last month may have made history as a number of Canadian trucking companies come together in support for the oil and gas industry. Over 1,000 trucks from companies based in Alberta joined the rally on the streets of Nisku, Alberta. The convoy naturally resulted to heavy traffic all over the area including the nearby Leduc Business Park.

A police said that extreme traffic delays have been caused by the truckers at the Highway 19 as well as the Airport Road overpasses located at the QEII.

According to two participants from Hinton Alberta, Mike Semeniuk and Mackenzie Rogers, they are in support of the pipeline project. The two are currently employed in the industry of oil and gas. Rogers added that it is time for the federal government to listen to them and receive the message that they are pushing for the pipeline project to continue. They admitted that their livelihood has been affected because of the slow work. It does not only impact those who are in the oil and gas industry but everyone.

The convoy happened at the same time that Andrew Scheer, leader of the conservative party, came to the area for a meeting. He was not able to go there on time because of the delay caused by the rally. Scheer said that he had no choice but to walk and use the overpass because of the convoy. He admitted that seeing the support made him emotional. He also made it clear that the Conservative Party is on their side fighting alongside their cause.

Scheer also clarified that despite the financial aid worth $1.6 billion given by the Liberal government to help the energy industry, it will not change the fact that people will not go back to their work. He also said that his government will do everything to give back the work of the people of Alberta which means they will not resort to government aids.

Many of the people of Alberta are not happy with the aid package sent by the government of Trudeau to compensate for the suffering of the energy sector.


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