Travellers Prefer To Choose A Hotel Based On Reviews Not Price

A digital agency believes that King Kong online agency reviews have the power to influence a consumer to interact with the company. Customer interaction builds trust and enhances credibility to improve the company’s sales and profits.

Almost all businesses have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and that includes hotels and short-rental properties. According to new studies by researchers at Florida Atlantic University and 4 other universities, consumers that book hotels and Airbnb accommodations do not worry about prices and discount strategies but their decisions can be swayed by customer reviews.

When selecting hotels, travellers rely on the number of positive reviews. Those selecting Airbnb properties base their decisions on online reviews. The results of the study show that operators of hotels and Airbnb properties must improve their marketing strategies once travel and tourism are allowed again.

The prices of hotel rooms are often elastic which means that demand can increase if the price is reduced. However, there are travellers who are willing to pay more for a room that has gained the approval of previous guests.

Deep price discounts are discouraged because they will set a precedent for hotels after the pandemic. A better option is to offer value through services and amenities to stand out from the competition and gain good reviews from the guests.

A new field of marketing has been created by King Kong online agency reviews to bridge the gap between word-of-mouth recommendations and the viral feedback that affects a purchasing decision. A digital marketing agency can use the reviews to efficiently resolve the issues and concerns of their clients.


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