Tips To Ensure A Smooth Tradeshow Logistics

A trade show involves much time, planning, and effort to achieve a successful event. So many things to think about such as budget, design, manning of the booth, and other leads that you can get. However, sometimes we overlook an important part of an exhibit – what to do if you have shipping issues?

To prevent such a disaster, you need to get the services of a tradeshow logistics that is competent and reliable. Hiring the right tradeshow logistics will free you from worries and hassles of any issues that could come up.

Tips to ensure a smooth trade show:

  1. Have a thorough planning

Always get at least 3 canvasses of tradeshow logistics companies and match the prices. If you have multiple shows in a year, you can get references from other companies that you trust who use logistics. Always get a reasonable price from the logistics company for your benefit.

  1. Advanced shipment to a warehouse

This option is beneficial for you, so take it if you can. It will help you prevent move-in schedule and booth delays. This is ideal for large modular booths and accessories.

  1. Inform your broker

If you have an across-border shipment, inform your broker immediately and send the required documents in advance to avoid delays.

  1. Documentations

Prepare necessary documents in advance and ensure the logistics company driver has a copy. Get assistance from your broker if you have some queries.

  1. Labels for identification

Good labeling of shipment boxes and cases is important. Indicate the company name, booth number and show name for a clear handling and safe delivery to the booth. Ensure you put your phone number on the boxes and cases for easy contact in case of loss or mix-up of destinations.

  1. Items allowed for shipment

Avoid shipping perishable items. Ensure all items for shipment are cleared.

  1. Shun from last-minute shipments

As much as possible, do away from this situation. It can be costly with the possibility of being late on the show.

  1. Tracking your shipment

Ensure you get the tracking number of your shipment for proper monitoring.

Following these tips would give you a smoother shipment and great exhibit experience. Always take precautions to avoid any inconveniences.


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