Tips To Reduce Sliding Shower Screen Costs In Melbourne

The cost of sliding shower screens vary depending on its design, quality and the expertise of the installer of sliding shower screens in Melbourne. There are framed, semi-frameless and frameless showers screens while there are sliding or frameless designs. The cost of sliding shower screens alone can amount to a few hundreds of dollars to around a thousand on an average and that does not include the delivery and installation costs yet. All in all, the amount of sliding shower screen, delivery and installation can reach up to $2000 although the final amount would still have to be factored in by different aspects. To reduce the overall costs of the sliding shower screen and installation, take a look at the following tips.

  • Ask for cost estimates from at least three installers. Get the average amounts of installation costs including the labour and material. This way, it would be easier for you to decide whether the installer you are dealing with is asking for a reasonable price or not. With free quotes in hand, you will find out which of the service providers would give you the best value for your money. Asking for cost estimates will also give you an idea if the contractor is fast and efficient by the way they respond to your query.
  • Check the inclusions of the amount. There are some service providers that offer sliding shower screens in Melbourne at an unbelievably lower amount. Usually, there is a catch to this, do not believe at such right away. An installer will not offer his service at a price where he will lose financially. For instance, there are installers that offer cheap sliding shower screens but upon checking, you still have to pay for the delivery costs.
  • Find service providers that is currently offering discount price for specific items. If you can find a company for sliding shower screens in Melbourne that offers packages, find out what are the inclusions of the package and how you can save if you would for the package.


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