The Top 10 International Schools In Bangkok

The importance of education can never be discounted in a child’s development and future. It is an essential factor in the success of a child which makes him as competitive as he could in these modern times. There are many international schools that the Thai government has invested as it has committed to provide education for the people.

Many parents are sometimes overwhelmed when enrolment season is around the corner already. They all want to let their children study in a prominent top 10 international School in Bangkok for a more secure future when applying for a job. The following are the top 10 international schools in Bangkok for parents to choose from:

  1. International School in Bangkok – this is popularly recognized worldwide as a premier international school. ISB provides high-quality education since 1951 to students from about 60 countries.
  2. NIST School – the school has a holistic system of learning to address the different areas of interest of the students.
  3. Shrewsbury International – it is a unique top 10 international School in Bangkok as it offers inspiring English language to selected students that care for them in an institution that is devoted to continuous improvement.
  4. Patana School – this is the first international British school with students ages two to eighteen years old. It is a non-profit organization which solely offers quality standard education.
  5. Harrow School – this school challenges students to endeavour achieving their highest educational standards that are fit to their capabilities and potentials.
  6. KIS International – this school challenges and inspires students to become better persons.
  7. ASB School – this is a private kindergarten school until grade 12 that offers exceptional education and learning that is based on the curriculum of the US.
  8. RIS Swiss – this is the only international institution in Bangkok teaching a German/Swiss curriculum.
  9. Regent’s International – this school emphasizes excellent reputation of students inside the school premises as well as outside.
  10. Ruamruedee -they focus on the value, global citizenship, and character education to prepare the students with success in the 21st century,

The primary advantages of living in Bangkok are the opportunities for good education which is a smart investment.


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