The Sharp Rise In The Demand For Home Tutors

Some students do not have the ability to study by themselves. They need tuition Singapore to help them catch up in school. The school semester has not started in many countries after the closure during the quarantine but parents are already looking for home tutors so that their children can catch up with their education.

According to UNESCO monitoring, at least 29 countries have closed their schools nationwide. The closure has affected 391.5 million students. Localized school closures were also implemented and this has disrupted the education of hundreds of millions of additional learners. Instead of classroom-based education, online tutors and e-learning companies are filling the educational gap.

Tutoring companies are experiencing high demand now that schools have been suspended. Some parents are trying to cope up with keeping their children focused on home learning programs while they are working from home. Parents are trying different solutions from hiring tutors to putting children together in small groups.

According to market research group Technavio, the private tuition market in the United States is expected to grow by $7.37 billion by 2023. Mark Bray, emeritus professor and UNESCO chair in comparative education at the University of Hong Kong said that online tutoring providers will experience increased demand while face-to-face operators will suffer some constraints until schools open again.

Tutoring companies could sustain student’s interests by having specialist research and training teams that are nimbler and more dynamic than schools. In Asia, some parents are sourcing tutors from overseas. Older children are already getting bored because they are not going to school. They have to do some fun stuff to keep them interested.

Well-to-do parents are hiring expensive tutors to teach their children at home. According to reports, there has been a sharp rise in requests for home tutors mainly from families in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Many parents have been told by the schools that examinations are cancelled but they still prefer to hire tuition Singapore for home learning. Aside from subjects like maths and science, home tutors can also help students learn English or Mandarin so that they can speak the language fluently when they return to the classroom.


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