The Rising Demand For Vegan Meat In The Food Industry

There is an increasing demand for vegan meat as proven by the rise in sales of vegan products in grocery stores all over the globe. For the past few years, many omnivore brands are trying to penetrate the market by launching their own products. Now a new trend is starting to surface in the plant-based sector of the food industry which Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan believes will impact the industry in a major way.

Winsight, a market research firm based in Chicago, published the 2018 Noncommercial Trends Forecast before the end of last year. The report was made possible by the partnership between Technomic, a research and strategy firm in the food industry, and magazine publication called Food Service Director. The report included a prediction about the supposed evolution of the food industry in the next few years. The main take-away is that plant-based dining will become a favorite of the masses. Many of the food establishments are considering plant-based dishes because it is budget-friendly and it is sustainable. In fact many cafes in colleges and corporate establishments are already incorporating grains and vegetables dishes along with animal proteins.

As the first six months of the year gone, the prediction is apparently right. All over the US as well as in several areas in the United Kingdom, food service companies are already incorporating plant-based foods in their menu. These are the same companies that provide food to public schools, universities and hospitals among many others. On top of the list, according to suppliers is the vegan meat.

More and more college campuses are seeing vegan meat in their cafeterias. This is proof that leading companies in the food service industry are aware that plant-based foods are a big part of the industry’s future. The partnerships created between leading food distributors and vegan meat manufacturers are additional proof that this lifestyle is truly the future. Even restaurateurs such as Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan recognize this and admit that there might come a time in the coming years when plant-based meat is more in demand rather than real meat.


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