The Rise Of Flexible Packaging Prompted By Transparent Films

Two technologies used as barrier in packaging are already in competition which further promotes the rise of flexible packaging. This is accomplished by tapping into the increasing focus of the shoppers to get have convenience as well as a sustainable way of living.

This is according to a verdict coming from a published report entitled “The Future of Transparent Barrier Films versus Barrier Foil to 2021”. The report was published by the consultants from Smithers Pira. It also contains predictions on the demand of the transparent barrier films at a global scale. It is expected to increase at a yearly average of 3.9 per cent in the coming five years and will be reaching around 1.9 million tonnes come year 2021.

The competing barrier solution used as alternative is the flexible aluminum foil packaging. It is expected to grow by a yearly average rate of 2.5 per cent per annum. By the year 2021, it will have reached about 3 million tonnes.

According to the authors of the report, the sudden increase is predicted in incoming markets as well. This is because the standard of living of the consumers will increase and the consumption demand of the packaged products is also continuing to increase in number. The transparent barrier films are now in use instead of traditional materials like flexible foil. These are used in different applications because the consumers are looking for an alternative that could provide the following attributes – feasibility, transparency and materials that can pass metal detectors as well as can be safely used in microwave ovens.

In terms of regional market, the Western Europe takes the number one spot which covers 35 per cent of the total market volume worldwide. Next in line is the Asia Pacific and North America comes third.

The applications that are using the transparent barrier films in high demand are pouch packaging utilized in pharmaceuticals, snack foods, medical devices, produce, beverages, pet supplies, meat and pet food. With other alternatives being developed for other packaging options, consumers have a lot more to look forward to. For those looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions, check out


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