The Rise And Fall Of Sears

At every opportunity, businesses must be able to impress their customers. An impressive and visually appealing space can easily be created through commercial fitouts in Sydney by prioritizing customer experience. The retail landscape has changed dramatically since the growth of ecommerce. This means being able to provide customers with a unique experience upon entering the business’ doors.

Sears, a 125-year old retailer used to be the model of success. The company changed the way that Americans shopped and built their homes. This month, Sears announced that it has filed for bankruptcy and will close 140 stores across the country. The giant retailer used to have 3,500 stores but at the beginning of 2018, the number dwindled to 820. About 500 of the Sears stores are expected to survive the year.

Sears has seen its fair share of architectural trends and managed to outlive many of them. As Sears slipped into mediocrity, so did its architecture. Sears stores were impressive in appearance as well as location. They became the most conspicuous buildings in metropolitan areas and became the landmark of a mercantile enterprise.

In Houston and Miami, Sears’ monumental buildings focused on the practical, utilitarian, everyday items notwithstanding its distinctive architectural design. In some cities, existing buildings were renovated and expanded to accommodate retail operations. Merchandise was selected to match the needs of customers. Sears has always followed the requirements of its customers from moving to suburbs to opening stores in malls.

However, shopping habits changed because of the emergence of Walmart and Kmart and big-box specialty stores like Home Depot. Sears was affected because shoppers were either spending money at discount stores or high-end department stores. Sears attempts to stay on top was not enough and it stopped from being the favourite shopping destination. Attempts to become relevant did not succeed because the company was already eclipsed by competitors.

It is important for business to always be aware of the current trends. After all, there are commercial fitouts in Sydney that can handle any project. A team will not only design and build; they will manage the entire process from start to finish sparing you from stress and headaches.


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