The Major Issue Of Funeral Affordability In Scotland

It is inevitable that at some point in life, most of us will have to meet with a funeral director. In Scotland, the year 2017 heralds the start of a new chapter for funeral directors with the introduction of a national inspector of funeral directors to assess whatever issues there are in regulations and whether there is a need to introduce an additional regulation.

At least 80% of funeral directors are members of a trade body like the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) that has strict regulatory control over its members. Funeral directors have to abide with the Code of Practice and Code of Professional Standards that was put in place by the association. NAFD regularly monitors the funeral directors and helps them improve to comply with the standards. An independent arbitration body exists to resolve complaints of people that cannot be solved through normal channels.

A perfectly good system is in place for funeral directors and the NAFD is working with the government if there is a need for a new regulation. While the profession is continuously investing time and efforts for improvement, training and information-sharing will enhance the profession.

One of the major issues in the industry is funeral affordability and the consensus to help bereaved families was incredibly strong during the first national conference on funeral poverty in Edinburgh. The conference was attended by government representatives, funeral directors, NHS, Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS), charitable institutions and some public bodies.

Citizens Advice Scotland will be able to provide the necessary advice to the public regarding funeral planning and affordability. On the other hand, NAFD has promised CAS with training. One of the encouraging signs is the cooperation from the government that is willing to work alongside its partners. NAFD is looking forward to working with the inspector so that he can learn about the different facets of the funeral industry.

Aside from the assistance provided in funeral planning, funeral directors are also prepared to help bereaved families in the choice of funeral jewellery in Perth. Funeral directors understand that bereaved families need the most support and guidance at this lowest moment in their life.


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