The Good Thing About Termite Swarms

It is warm beautiful day in late spring or early summer when termite swarms invade the home without any invitation. Both residential and commercial property owners prevent termite swarms because they cause damages to the property. The first responders are usually professional pest control services because they have the proper skills and experience to deal with pests.

According to pest control services, termite swarming can be very scary for both homes and businesses because they can cause significant damages to a structure. It does not matter whether it is just a few drywood termites or several hundred of the eastern subterranean swarmers and thousands of Formosan swarmers; they must be taken seriously and not ignored.

However, termite swarms can be a good thing. Termite swarms are signs that a colony of termites has already invaded a structure. Termites are difficult to detect because they can work silently and feed off wood that it not in sight. Without the swarms, a homeowner won’t know that the termite infestation has already damaged the home. Termite infestations can cause substantial damages to a structure and cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Swarming termites are known as alates. They are reproductive members of the termite colony to sustain their specie. The other members of the colony are called worker termites that damage structures while they are feeding. Alates do not bite, sting or eat wood. They swarm into the air from hidden areas within the colony.

Since alates are not strong fliers, a brief flight only takes a few seconds. After the brief flight, they land, break the wings from the body and mate with a partner. The future queen will lead the way while the partner or king will follow to start a new colony. Survival rate for swarmers is low particularly when they swarm indoors.

Termites can disrupt the home and cause thousands worth of damages. Professional Ormond Beach, FL pest control services will find the source of infestation before making an evaluation. An effective termite control plan will be developed according to the situation. Findings will be explained to the customer so that they will understand the control process.




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