The Costs Of Hiring A Painter Or Decorator

When you opt to hire a professional painter or decorator to work on a home improvement project in your house, the most important thing you should do is find a capable and highly skilled tradesmen to perform the work needed to be done at your home. Remember, home improvement projects are also an investment that is why you should make sure that it is a good investment. Hiring qualified painters or decorators can lessen the risk of property damages, accidents or inefficiency.

According to Arthur Fitzhugh of Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating, once you have selected a qualified company, your next task would be to schedule a meet up at your place. It is in this meet up that the decorator or painter will be able measure the extent of the work and determine an accurate estimate for you.  When it comes to the costs, you should know that they tend to vary dramatically between jobs. The most expensive element would have to be the labor. However, there are also other factors that can influence the cost of the job such as the size of the area, the extent of the work needed and the quality of the products and equipment used in the project. When the professional finishes evaluating the task, you will receive a written estimate containing the following:


When it comes to the rate, for smaller domestic jobs such as redecorating a single room, you would be given a fixed price that is usually at £150 to £300. However, if the job is expansive enough to last a number of days or weeks, there are companies who would charge you a daily rate.


A good decorator or painter will supply you with the materials needed. Because of this, you can be made sure that the products have been tried and tested. Since redecorations seldom happen, it is important that high quality products are used in order to ensure the efficiency. These professionals can also buy the materials on your behalf. However, it is up to you if you want to accept this type of service.


The preparation also plays a role in the costs. You can lessen the costs by doing the preparations beforehand.


There are companies that will perform extra jobs such as fitting coving, putting up shelves, etc. However, you should not pay for something that you did not hire them to do. Only pay for what was talked about.


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