The Challenges Faced In Final Mile Fulfilment And Delivery Of Heavy Goods

Businesses in different sectors require final mile carrier to protect the integrity of a product during delivery. In theory, the effectiveness of final mile fulfilment can be divided into three steps: providing clarity to the order, making sure that delivery promises are kept and being transparent with the status of the order.

However, last mile fulfilment can be very challenging because a product can come from multiple locations. Most of last mile fulfilment is Omni channel in nature which is a multichannel approach to ensure that a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is buying online or from a brick and mortar store.

Since a product can come from different locations, costs of final mile fulfilment will depend on shipping and the availability of goods. There is also an issue in determining the right mode of transport and the selection of the final mile carrier.

According to information technology provider, Convey, given the lack of seamlessness in information technology, shipment exceptions usually occur in about 11% of all last mile deliveries. Shipment exceptions mean unexpected events that can affect the delivery status of a shipment. Convey has developed a platform where shippers are alerted of delivery issues before the customer complains.

The fastest growing segment of final mile deliveries is the fulfilment and delivery of heavy goods. The challenge is not only different, it is more acute. On average, 21% of all online heavy goods orders sustain some form of damage during fulfilment and delivery.

The fact is big, heavy and bulky items are meant to be shipped a few miles from a store and not thousands of miles away. Large items like appliances, furniture, fitness equipment and beddings are merchandise that involves labour intensive, complex and value added white glove delivery. The service involves more than just delivering an item at the doorstep of the customer.

White glove delivery service means going an extra mile to provide unpacking, positioning, installing and performing value added services on delivered goods. As part of the white glove delivery service, final mile carrier will operate professionally in a variety of locations that are difficult to access for other logistics providers.


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