The Big 4 Collaborating On A Unified Standard Of Electric Motorcycles

Do not be surprised to find a Kawasaki dealer in the UK even if the motorcycle brand is associated to Japan. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki are considered as the Big 4 in motorcycle manufacturing in Japan. However, not one of them has produced an electric motorcycle.

Honda can be credited for showing an electric CR250 dirt bike concept during the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. Yamaha has introduced electric bicycles and is currently making progress on electric trial bikes. So far, Suzuki and Kawasaki do not have anything to show in terms of electric motorcycles. However, this could change anytime soon.

According to The Japan News, the Big 4 is reportedly working together in forming a consultative body that will discuss details about a unified standard of electric motorcycles. The goal of the Big 4 is to prevent many different standards from being established in charging stations and other infrastructure that could easily impede the adoption of electric motorcycles.

Japan’s biggest motorcycle manufacturers have not revealed any hardware or distinct plans yet because they are reportedly working on standards that include batteries and charging equipment. Charging is the one the important components towards the success of the electric motorcycle industry.

For years, the electric motorcycles of Zero held the top spot in the industry but only offered Level 1 (110V wall outlet) for charging natively. In order to allow Level 2 charging, an upgraded accessory is required. Zero’s SR/F electric motorcycle has recently added a new Level 2 charging as option; however, it still lacks the Level 3 DC fast charging.

Most manufacturers of electric motorcycles in the United States have adopted the same CSS standards that are being used by electric vehicles. Level 3 will make a big difference but it depends on whether batteries can handle it or if companies are interested on designing it.

While waiting for Japanese-produced electric motorcycles, it is suggested to visit the Kawasaki dealer in the UK that has an extensive stock of new and used Kawasaki motorcycles. Kawasaki motorcycles are known all over the world for affordability, safety, quality and availability. There are smaller Kawasaki motorcycles that are intended for new riders.


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