Thais Promote Environmental Awareness By Minimizing Plastic Usage

You do not need to wait for the weekend to enjoy a night at sky bar in Sukhumvit where you can enjoy the stunning skyline of Bangkok. If you and friends want a live band, visit the sky bar on Tuesday from 7pm to midnight. Let a wave of calm wash over you while sipping your cocktail and waiting for your friends to join you.

There are no plastics used at the sky bar unlike the cup of bubble milk tea that has a plastic cup, plastic lid and plastic straw placed inside a disposable plastic bag. That is a hefty amount of plastic that will be thrown in the landfill after the milk tea has been consumed.

However, in Bangkok, people are trying to minimize the use of plastics in whatever small way they can contribute like a café that refills empties and a mother and daughter team promoting reusable straws. In the lively market soi in On Nut area, you will find a refillable bulk supply store called Refill Station with several gallons of shampoo, lotion, soap, dishwashing soap, floor cleaners lining the walls for customers who prefer a refill.

Previously, Thais did not have any options but to use plastic. A great majority believes there are options instead of waiting for the government and 7 Eleven to provide a solution. At Refill Station, customers can bring any kind of empty container that can be filled up will liquid products of their preference or dried food items that are sold by weight.

Refill Station is the first store to do this thing. At first, they were worried that customers might not be motivated to bring their own containers. Thais do not actually have green habits but they can change to become more environmentally aware. Besides that refills are 10% less expensive compared to supermarkets.

Meanwhile, if you desire to relax with an unforgettable view, your best option is sky bar in Sukhumvit where the sky and stars surround you. You and your friends can enjoy some drinks on comfortable seats while discussing what transpired during the day. You can easily forget all about stress as you watch the beautiful sunset.


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