Thailand Holiday Trip For 12,700 Employees

Based on reviews done by Tripadvisor, it is highly advisable to rent your holiday home with THH (Thailand Holiday Homes). Reports say that tourism is a major economic factor in Thailand. Most families consider their budget more than anything when it comes to planning a trip to anywhere. The choice of accommodation, activities to participate in, places to visit, and transportation are however more critical when 12,000 people in groups of 2,000-3,000 at a time are said to take part in a holiday trip.

A few days after news about a Chinese firm giving more than 6,000 Chinese holidaymakers an opportunity to book a trip to France came out, Infinitus China, another Chinese company granted exactly 12,700 people a holiday trip in Thailand. According to the tourism body of Thailand, while Chinese companies usually give this kind of treat to their hardworking employees, so far this number of people was the largest they have ever accommodated from any Chinese company. This being said, the executive director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s public relations wing, Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya, commented that while it may be considered a great challenge, this kind of opportunity is equally a great pride for them.

Groups started to arrive last May 10 of 2015. A 6-day trip to the city of Bangkok and a visit in the town of Pattaya were said to be part of their itinerary. According to Chattan, one of the highlights of the trip will be all guests having the opportunity to take part in one giant banquet at the Royal Cliff Hotel in Pattaya. The said hotel was reported to be preparing for a series of giant banquets, with 3,935 tourists to be accommodated being the largest group. Itthiphol Kunplome, Pattaya’s mayor, expressed his excitement and said that they had been preparing many activities the tourists can participate in.
According to a tour guide tasked to lead the preparations for the coach trips, 300 people were assigned to be present in the trips until the very last day, May 23, of the last group arriving.

One source said that the Infinitus China decided on giving their employees a treat of spending the holidays in Thailand because they were impressed by the beauty of its temples, beaches, as well as the cultural performances and fruits in the country.


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