Television Viewers Are Looking Forward To The Unexpected And Unconventional

Television viewers are certainly familiar with TV series like The Walking Dead, Games of Thrones and Real Housewives of Orange County. The Walking Dead and Games of Thrones have turned out to be a global success while The Real Housewives became a successful franchise of several reality TV shows. It is also broadcasted by several TV stations worldwide; however, if you are interested in more information, check out

While the business of television has traditionally favored the familiar over the experimental, network executives, television producers and tech entrepreneurs say that the game has changed. It is about time to take risks particularly with the record breaking success of The Walking Dead and Games of Thrones. Global audiences are asking for more complicated storytelling. The art of television has never been better and it is about time for television producers to start planning for changes.

According to HBO CEO and Chairman Richard Plepler, pay television channels which have been considered by television viewers as the byword for innovative drama has lost its way after the initial success of The Sopranos, Sex in the City and the Band of Brothers. A lot of self confidence has set in thinking that they have finally found the magic formula. Losing Mad Men to AMC has taught HBO about the dangers of being complacent and over confident. HBO has since returned to series featuring an insurgent voice that included shows in the likes of Games of Thrones, Girls and Silicon Valley.

The demand for original TV drama has fueled the growth of new channels both in the US and other countries and they are willing to fund unconventional series. Ten years ago, when a writer has a unique idea for TV, he can only go to a handful places but today, there are 35 places he can to go. New ones are popping out all the time. TV shows turning global has certainly changed the traditional scenario. TV series no longer caters to the local US audience but the world. People who used to happy viewing the same things on TV are now asking for something different – something unconventional and unexpected.


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