TED Talks About Money Management

Many times, an expert, can help manage your finances. Not many people know about money management, but today some talks and conferences are provided for information. TED talks originally discussed entertainment and technology, but personal finance and managing money has now been a popular discussion. So, below you’ll find three best TED talks about how to manage your money.

Saving Money without Speaking

How people speak can greatly affect their way of saving money. There are those who picture the future as something faraway and will not save money just for that purpose. However, you need to save money for the future, and you should start now. You can save money for the future if you manage your money properly right now.

An expert, Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis speaks about the topic so well, that he connects the future to the present. It’s important to take control of your finances, and start saving now.

Raising Children to Become Entrepreneurs

Most parents provide their children with allowances, but they don’t know how to handle their finances. Parents need to teach their children about a job and how they can expand their business by becoming entrepreneurs. The skills must be molded while they are still young, so that when they turn adults, they know how to manage their finances.

Nadeem discusses a topic about how parents can make their children become better entrepreneurs one day. Instead of giving them money per week, why not focus on a job at home, so they can earn. If they work harder, the more money they earn. They can also negotiate their pay for doing certain jobs at home.

Saving More for the Future

So many adults don’t have money saved for the future. It’s important to keep finances, however, they spend much on few things they may or may not need. Somehow, they become troubled when the time comes that they need the money.

Nadeem Shaikh Anthemis can offer a talk about this concern. It’s important that people know the importance of saving now, so that when they need it in the future, there will be money to use, especially during emergencies.


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