Technology That Analyzes Customer Reviews

One of the important tools that a digital agency can use is feedback from its very own employees and clients. An example is King Kong agency reviews that are a powerful attraction to great talent. Highly-qualified tech talents are in demand that sometimes, it is difficult to compete with giant tech companies. Besides that, reviews improve the credibility of the company not to mention the boost in brand image.

Revuze is a new tool that companies can use to map and analyze reviews from customer experiences. The tool makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate semantic text analysis. Data based on relevance is segmented to help businesses decide on their products and brands.

Revuze gathers data from different sources like surveys, emails, transcripts from call centers, social media, and others. From the top positive and negative feedback, the business can pinpoint accolades and pains towards the product. The tool provides accuracy and automation in any language and region to help map out fluctuations in customer satisfaction and sentiment. It allows the company to pinpoint which factors are affecting the business over time.

Only a small percentage of small and medium-sized businesses are using AI. Those that are using the technology have experienced the benefits. Certain tasks can be delegated to AI so that the manpower can focus on more important tasks.

The two key advantages of AI include speed and accuracy. Multiple solutions are available for a wide range of business processes. Small businesses can use the tool to catch up with their competitors in the market.

User experience plays an important role in eCommerce. Consumers that visit the site must feel good about the product they are looking at. It helps narrow out the options for consumers who research a product before they make a purchase decision. It also helps improve brand recognition and endorsements from customers.

For most consumers, King Kong agency reviews help them decide whether to choose the digital agency for their online marketing solutions. For prospective job candidates, reviews provide insight on behind-the-scenes experiences of current and previous employees. Reviews help them decide if the digital agency matches their requirements.


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