Team Building To Be The Focus Of Susquehanna Esports Summer Camps

Individuals who have been following the professional esports happening in the Mid-Atlantic area would know that Susquehanna Esports is the organization behind some of the most successful teams. In line with their goal, the organization is to put more emphasis on team building activities similar to the ones organized by Hidden Door, physical well-being and leadership. All of these can be learned by players who are planning to enroll with the summer esports camp in Philadelphia.

The esports group’s headquarter is in Harrisburg and it has recently collaborated with N3rd Street Gamers in order to develop different activities that can be done at the camp. All of these activities are to be held inside the Localhost esports venue of the N3rd Street Gamers. This is located at the Third Street in Philadelphia. The new summer camp is to begin starting the 17th of June.

The main goal of the summer camps for e-sports is to raise awareness of the importance of teamwork. Participants undergo training where they face one another. Two individuals that are located in a single physical location are most likely to talk with each other. This way, campers will have a safe place where they can learn more, meet individuals with the same mind-set and communicate more effectively.

Susquehanna Esports recognized that the esports community in the region is starting to grow therefore the organization is lending its support. They have already organized a number of live events, gameplay with the best quality and skill training. The summer camp will last for three weeks, starting at the third week of June until the first week of the following month.

According to Susquehanna Esports’ representative Charles Palmer, one must be a witness of how the younger generations are planning and cooperating as a team. Playing video games go beyond entertainment as it also helps in boosting their communication power, learn to solve problems and build stronger relationships. This is also the same goal of Hidden Door when they organized team building events for corporate members. Esports, while done indoors in front of a computer, does not mean that one should stop participating in traditional sports.


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