Suspension System That Will Provide Your Car With A Magic Carpet Ride

The suspension system is the car part that maximizes the friction between the tires and the road surface to allow good steering ability and handling and enhance the comfort of the passengers. It should be remembered that not all roads are flat. Those subtle imperfections can apply forces to the wheels. What you need is the suspension system from Dorman Products to ensure an undisturbed ride.

In 1955, the unveiling of the Citroen DS at the Paris Motor Show caused a sensation. It is unquestionable that the car had elegant lines but what encouraged customer to place 12,000 orders for the car were the mechanical innovations. Among the noteworthy innovations was the self-leveling hydro pneumatic suspension system that used spheres filled with nitrogen that was connected to each wheel.

When the car is started, the engine pumps hydraulic fluid on the spheres to lift the vehicle’s body. Whatever bumps in the road are dampened by the incompressible fluid squeezing the compressing fluids in the spheres.  The Citroen DS was able to glide smoothly over the badly damaged post war roads of France. However, in spite of the advantages of hydro pneumatics, Citroen discarded the technology in 2015.

Better systems superseded the hydro pneumatics. Shakeel Avadhany opened a development base at the MIRA Technology Park, an automotive research center in the English Midlands to design a suspension system that will provide cars with a magic carpet ride.

ClearMotion, an American firm is close to bringing a new suspension system to the market that will tap into a sophisticated network of sensors that modern vehicles use. The algorithms will use the sensors to learn within millimeters the profile of the road that is being travelled. Results will be shared through cloud computing with other vehicles so next time they take the route; the system’s software will be able to anticipate the road’s topography so that suspension can be controlled accordingly.

Like other parts of the car, the suspension system can wear out with time. The easiest way to determine whether you need to replace the suspension system is by paying attention to how the ride feels. If you need a replacement, Dorman Products offers high quality and affordable suspension systems.


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