Spy Ear Piece – Must-Have For The Secret Service

If you watched the recent presidential inauguration, it is very likely that you noticed the Secret Service agents using a spy ear piece to protect the various dignitaries who attended the event. Many of the Secret Service agents were using a piece of technology that has been developed by a Boise audiologist. The tiny earpiece is called the EarHero that can be concealed inside the ear canal so that it does not become too obvious.

Through the tiny spy ear piece, the Secret Service agents can monitor what goes around them whether there is danger that needs their immediate presence. EarHero has worked with the Secret Service to supply them with the tactical ear device. The company has just delivered about 400 units of the earpieces to the Scotland Yard in London. The ear device has become a must-have for law enforcement agencies all over the world from the FBI to the US Army, Coast Guard and security teams.

The innovative earpiece was conceived more than a decade ago when Matt Murphy, the Boise audiologist went on a ski trip. All of his friends have an iPod shuffle that does not allow them to hear outside sounds unless they take off the ear bud. The idea for the EarHero was born. Matt Murphy developed the tiny earpiece that did not block outside sounds. Because he has contacts with the Pentagon, his invention was presented to the Secret Service.

Murphy who is in charge of House of Hearing Audiology clinic in Boise is sharing his invention with the public. He is currently working on a consumer version that will improve safety for individuals who are on the move. Safety is a big concern particularly for those who are running and listening to music at the same time. Bluetooth-enabled devices will allow them to listen to music and still be aware of their surroundings.

Many people own earphones which they use to listen to music. The spy ear piece is different because it establishes a two-way communication between the earpiece and a Bluetooth/MP3 transmitter without any cables or devices. It is often so tiny that people will not notice what you have in your ear.


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